Below points should address most of your queries:

Why TargetNifty.com?
Among all advisors in India, we are the only one assuring gains of 300 points on Nifty and 500 points on BankNifty every month. Like others we don't CLAIM accuracy of 80-85%. There are some who even CLAIM 95% accuracy, but no one COMMITS minimum numbers. You can differentiate between Claim & Commitment.
   -We are the only one offering 7days trial and after subscription a money back guarantee if the committed nos. don't achieve.

Why are you offering the service @ such a low cost? Is this for real?
Firstly, it's for a limited period. 
Second, we are a team of 2 analysts and do not have any overhead costs in managing the firm or a big team. So you ideally pay for the Research Analysts view only. In any other company, you pay for the research analysts plus the managing team, relationship managers, backoffice people, CEO's, Directors and other fixed costs. With us, you only pay for the analysis.

Once subscribed, what kind of calls will you send?
Calls on Nifty & Banknifty, futures and options, both positional & intraday. A sample call given below

   -Buy Nifty fut 6200-6205 range, SL 6185, tgt 6240
   -Book partial profits 6239-6245 range and move SL to breakeven.

In addition to Nifty & BankNifty, do you also provide calls on Stocks?
No, currently we provide calls only on Nifty & Banknifty to keep it simple. Based on the feedback, we will consider starting calls on Stock at a later stage.

How do you accept payment for subscriptions?
You can choose to pay online through credit card, deposit cash/cheque in our bank account or transfer funds through NEFT.

How do I pay online?
Login with your id & password and Click on Subscribe/Renew,  Continue with the payment process by selecting the plan. Your account will be activated immediately once payment is authorised by our payment gateway. Based on the plan you have selected, the no.of days for subscription will automatically get updated which you may check after login to your profile. For any further support, you can reach us on +91-7276650111

How about deposit in Bank account?
Visit Payments to get details of our bank account for Cash/Chq deposit. IFSC code for NEFT transactions are also updated. To activate your subscription instantly, login to account and update the details on Payments page, once verified with our bank we will activate the service immediately. Alternatively you can mail us the payment details to payments@targetnifty.com. For any further support, you can reach us on +91-7276650111

I am an investor, can i take your services?
Even though our target audience are Sub-Brokers / Dealers of broking houses, if you have a high risk appetite, you can try our services. New Investors / Small Investors can avoid till the time they understand the risks involved in Futures trading.

Are the calls based on Fundamental or Technical analysis? 
All calls are purely based on Technical Analysis. 

What is the frequency of calls i can expect in a week?
You can expect 7-8 calls a week. If there is a situation, we may provide more upwards 15 calls.

Can i call you over the phone to discuss your calls or my open position in any other stock other than your calls?
No. Since our team is of only 2 members, its difficult. We rather focus on spending that time on research and giving more quality calls so as to make sure the committed numbers of 300 & 500 points are delivered.

How do you send the calls?
Paid subscribers will get sms on their verified mobile numbers only. To verify your mobile number, click 'Send Activation code' on Edit Profile page after you login on on our website. Trial users can update their Yahoo Messenger id or the GoogleTalk id on 'Edit Profile' page.

Where do i check the past performance?
Visit Performance page.

How do you calculate gains on Options?
Number of points gained in Options is added to Gross gains on monthly report. For example, if Nifty 6000 CE was bought @ 60 and sold @ 90, we will add 30points to the gross monthly gains and do not scream that we have made 50% gains in Options with 95% accuracy.



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