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Nifty Advisors is an Investment Advisory Firm which provides recommendations primarily for Nifty index, Stocks in Cash and Futures & Options traded on NSE & BSE. A strong expertise in research, professional management and value based thought process towards investments forms the very basis of establishing Nifty Advisors which our clients rely on.

Our team consists of highly qualified analysts who are skilled and impeccable in their analysis. These analysts, using their experience and latest software tools, are able to predict the movements in share market on time and with high accuracy. As a result, using our tips, our clients gain the most out of the share market.

Nifty Advisors was established in 2011 and operates from its offices in Nagpur and Bangalore. We advise our clients on calls both through SMS and also publish the calls on our website on a real time basis only after you subscribe.

Whether you are a Day trader or a positional trader, we will deliver value to you.

If you are a Dealer/Subbroker, once you are convinced about our execution capabilities and accuracy of timing the markets, which results in wealth creation, you may choose to introduce your clients and we are sure that your clients would also be happy. Therefore, due to customer satisfaction, you will see your revenue book increasing month on month.

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  • Email: support@targetnifty.com
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